The fourth-ever million-dollar Spin & Go was recently triggered at PokerStars, with a Russian player becoming a lot richer from the three-person $5 tourney.

The $5 Spin & Go tournament started early in the morning on Thursday in Moscow time, and it took just six minutes to complete. The awesomely named Russian player ‘CccpVodka’ won the top prize of $1,000,000. Clocking in at 355 seconds, the player earned approximately $2,800 per second for taking the victory.

The runner up was ‘partalios’ a Greek player, who won $100,000. The third-place player was ‘shooLarr’ from Russia, who also won $100,000.

The special high-stakes Spin & Go was a part of the ‘PokerStars Makes Millionaires’ promotion (read more about that here). Earlier this year, PokerStars introduced a special version of its popular Spin & Go’s — with three of every 10,000,000 of the tourneys resulting in a prize pool of $1.2 million.

After a successful run this winter, PokerStars brought back the promotion this spring. The million-dollar Spin & Go promotion is scheduled to run through May 24.

When three players fill a Spin & Go, a random draw determines how big the prize pool will be, ranging from a doubling of the prize pool all the way up to the seven-figure pool. The tourneys are 3-max hyper-turbo tourneys, with just 500 starting chips and a buy-in of $5.

You can read about the first three million-dollar Spin & Go’s, from earlier this year, here. The first-ever million-dollar Spin & Go was also won by a Russian player — “sss66666.”