Mobile gambling has quickly made a massive jump in terms of popularity over the past year or so, and one site that has come into the market recently is mFortune Texas Hold’em Poker.  This site allows players to play multiple different games such as Texas Hold’em, Roulette, Slot Machines, Bingo, and much more, all for real money if the player chooses to.  The first thing that we noticed about this poker site is that it’s incredibly easy to set up and very easy to use as well, so it’s not a hassle to get your account up and running, which means more time to play at the tables.

As far as who can play at this site, you’ll find that mFortune is not for players in the United States, but is open to players all around the world, giving you the option to play poker and many other casino games on the go from your mobile phone.  This new mobile gambling site is very straight forward and easy to use, and they’ve also won quite a few awards for their work.

Most importantly they offer £5 just for registering if you join here so it is easy to try before depositing.

What Clients are Supported?

Obviously this is the biggest question that most people have when looking at a mobile betting site, because you want to make sure that you can even use the application in the first place!  This site works with the two largest mobile devices in the iPhone and all Android phones as well.  

When logging into the system after creating your account you’ll find that it’s pretty easy to find a table that best fits your needs and also to get to the real money tables, or the play money tables, depending on which one that you are looking to start with.  After deciding this you can choose from a list of cash game tables that will also tell you the limits and how many players are sitting at each table as well.  You can only play one table at a time currently, but there are quite a few different limits available to you to play at.

Game Play and Software

In terms of the actual game play itself, you’ll find that things run pretty smoothly and the layout of the actual in-game play is easy to use.  On the right side of the screen you have the options to either call, raise, fold, or check, and mFortune has made it easy to tell who the action is on constantly throughout the hand.  Your hand will be dealt to you and will be directly next to your name.  This app is actually quite a bit different than other well-known mobile applications like Switch and Zynga, but overall I’d say that it’s probably even easier to use than most mobile gambling applications.

The games are solid, and from playing it seems that many players are pretty tight on this app.  A lot of it will depend on the limits that you are playing at, but when playing between the different limits you get a few different types of players, and some will play quickly while others take their time during hands.

mFortune Deposit Bonus and Free £5

There are some strong promotions on mFortune, and of course the first one that is offered will be the 100% match bonus of your first deposit up to £100.  This is a great way to build up your bankroll quickly, so regardless of what level of player that you are you’ll find that you can get a nice chunk of change for depositing.
The nice people over at mFortune have also decided to let you give the site a run for free as well with their offer of a free £5 for any new players, which is a nice way to check out the application to get a feel for it after you sign up.  

Last but not least is the refer a friend bonus, which gives you £5 right out of the gate once they get signed up, and you will also receive 50% of their first deposit as well!  The promotions on mFortune are probably one of the biggest selling points in my opinion.

And for those out there who are curious, we can absolutely trust mFortune.  Not only have they won quite a few awards, but they are Licensed and Regulated by the Gambling Commission.  The Gambling Commission is a public body that is sponsored by the Department of Culture, Media and Sports, of the Government of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.  It may be a mouthful to say, but they are absolutely legit and are a strong option for mobile gamblers.

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