Another day, another state in the US considering online poker regulation.

The latest entrant to the regulation conversation: Iowa, where state senators are reportedly considering a bill that would regulate intrastate online poker for its residents.

That’s the word from the Des Moines Register. The DMR article also erroneously identifies online poker as “illegal” in the US, so you might want to head over and post a comment correcting the author’s impression should you have a free moment.

We were unable to locate a copy of the bill at the time of this article, but according to the DMR it would establish a single-operator hub that Iowa casinos would feed players into via their independent operations.

Cliff’s: Iowans would all be playing online poker at the same single room, but via different skins.

It’s difficult to imagine that the player pool of the state of Iowa would create the liquidity required for a thriving online poker room, but without precedent it’s also difficult to declare the concept DOA.

Iowa joins a list of states including New Jersey, California and Florida that have serious ipoker regulation bills under legislative consideration. Jersey is of special interest to online poker players at the moment, as the state will be making a decision – one way or the other – on regulated intrastate online poker next week.

The news of Iowa’s bill also comes on the heels of word that a new ipoker bill is in the works on the Federal level in the US.

You can read more on all the relevant updates in the US legislative space at our Poker Regulation page.