Phil Ivey has a big week, Gus Hansen can’t be derailed, and Martonas returns to the high-stakes cash games. Find out who won and who lost at Full Tilt and PokerStars this week.

Ivey turned around what had been a slow start to 2011 — he booked profits of $476K. Almost all of that profit came against German player kagome kagome playing $3,000/$6,000 limit hold’em.

It was the second week in a row in the top 10 for Ivey, and he was joined by Matt Hawrilenko (+$415K) and Daniel “jungleman12” Cates (+$353K) in back-to-back weeks.

But the top player across both sites was Gavin “gavz101” Cochrane, who was up more than half a million. A Spring Championship of Online Poker winner in 2010, gavz101 made a big splash at the cash game tables at PokerStars this week.

Also in the top 10 this week? Martonas, who was perhaps the most interesting “mystery player” at Full Tilt before Isildur1 showed up in 2009. Martonas had been seen sparingly at the tables in recent years, but he was back this week, up about $175K.

The top 10 (this week)

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 gavz101 $534,440
 Phil Ivey $476,554
 NoPasaran $445,356
 compris $441,201
 urnotindangr $432,211
 Matt Hawrilenko $415,429
 jungleman12 $353,386
 tjbentham $202,349
 martonas $175,286
 dagunman $150,870

For the second week in a row, fishosaurusREX led all losers at Full Tilt. The draw game specialist booked losses of $688K, on top of giving back $750K last week. Even with two horrific weeks in a row, however, he is still about break even for 2011.

The aforementioned kagome kagome, who was victimized by Ivey, was third this week, down $455K. The top loser at PokerStars was Phil Galfond, giving back $414K on his MrSweets28 account. More on Galfond later.

Di “Urindanger” Dang, who had started off the year hot and was at one point up more than a million, was down just under $200K this week.

The bottom 10 (this week)

 fishosaurusREX -$688,213
 cadillac1944 -$460,957
 kagome kagome -$455,840
 MrSweets28 -$414,519
 urubu111 -$397,104
 Harrington10 -$283,002
 andrewkirk -$232,624
 Ilari FIN -$206,017
 Urindanger -$194,982
 sepl55 -$190,713

Hansen continues to be the hottest online cash game player on the planet. He didn’t finish in the top 10 this week, but what did he do? He was 11th among all players, up $148K. That kept him above $3M in profit for 2011.

Scott “urnotindangr” Palmer and Hawrilenko became the first players other than Hansen to crack seven figures for the year in several weeks; Palmer is up $1.1M, Hawrilenko $1M. Palmer’s Full Tilt account, URnotINdanger2, also comes in at 10th on this list, putting him up more than $1.6M for 2011 across both sites.

2011 leaderboard

 Gus Hansen $3,209,300
 urnotindangr $1,125,952
 Matt Hawrilenko $1,054,686
 LuckyGump $930,404
 EazyPeazy $747,884
 Alex Luneau $736,114
 NoPasaran $732,598
 ilvdnfl $706,440
 gavz101 $638,755
 URnotINdanger2 $563,270

Kagome kagome is on top of the losers leaderboard for 2011, down almost $1.3M after getting owned by Ivey. Tom “durrrr” Dwan, who didn’t play at all last week, is second at about $1M.

However, the biggest loser for the year is Galfond, who comes in at third (OMGClayAiken, -$1M) and eighth (MrSweets28, -$526K) on the loss leaderboard.

2011 top losers

 kagome kagome -$1,292,844
 durrrr -$1,053,206
 OMGClayAiken -$1,012,765
 cadillac1944 -$939,626
 UarePileous -$919,543
 Cole South -$580,054
 Kpederson -$543,009
 MrSweets28 -$526,840
 nutsinho -$446,229
 Sauce123 -$416,455