HNR 5/9: UB Pros Lose Jobs; Sebok, Negreanu Blogs; EPT Grand Final

Dustin Gouker : May 9th, 2011


UB pros are out of jobs and one of them, Joe Sebok, blogs; Negreanu blasts Cereus; and the EPT Grand Final gets underway. It’s all in the Monday edition of the PTP Hit and Run.

PTP member takes down SCOOP event: Joemac17, aka scaphism2 at the forums, took down the medium buy-in for event No. 1 of the Spring Championship of Online Poker at PokerStars, for $118K. Read more here. Congratulations!

Bad day to be a pro: You’re out of a job if you are one. Story here about all of the UB pros, like Joe Sebok and Prahlad Friedman, having their contracts terminated. Sebok made a blog post, apparently right before the public news that he was out of a job. Sebok has been the public face of the online poker site for sometime, and he expressed a bit of optimism for the U.S. players who have their money tied up on UB and Absolute Poker:

Regarding the current state of AP/UB, I haven’t given up hope that all of you will get your money back. I believe that UB is making many, many efforts to get you that money. You may say, “Well, if there were lies before…” and that’s totally fair, but their is absolutely a segment of that company trying to do the right thing. I dearly hope that they are successful. I have been told by upper management that ongoing discussions have been happening between the DOJ and UB with that being the focus. There is a lot of misinformation being thrown around and it really saddens me that so many have fanned the flames of panic when, in truth, they simply do not know what is going to happen, just like me.

Long story short, it sounds like he knows as much as most people, but he hasn’t given up hope entirely.

Meanwhile: Daniel Negreanu, who has never been a big fan of UB, posted a blog here. He wrote about several things, but he blasted UB:

It’s been a fight I’ve been fighting for a decade now, and I’m so very disappointed in how few top players would publicly join the fight with me. Privately, most are disgusted by UB, but publicly they’ve not said a word. As a poker community, we failed miserably when it comes to the AP/UB tragedy. I did my best to always warn people not to support that company. I’ve told people there are plenty of safer places to play and that we shouldn’t reward thieves/crooks/cheats/liars by giving this group a pass. As a community it was our responsibility to blackball this organization ages ago. Instead, too many in the media, and players a like, were weak willed and willing to give them a pass. It’s a shame.

He keeps going, read the blog for the entire tirade.

Poker on TV: You can still watch a lot of poker on television, despite the doomsayers post-Black Friday. Get a look at everything you can watch here.

EPT Grand Final: The season-ender for the European Poker Tour, being held in Madrid, is under way. Get a recap of the action here. The biggest name with a big stack is former World Series of Poker main event runner up Ivan Demidov.

Video from day two:

High stakes still going: Rui Cao is one of the people who is keeping the nosebleed action going at Full Tilt Poker and he’s been winning a lot post-Black Friday. Interview with the pro here.

For a look at today’s high-stakes cash game action, look below:

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