What’s the next step after Black Friday? Absolute Poker issues a statement. And some awesome MS Paint work to wash away our sorrow. It’s all in today’s PTP Hit and Run.

Black Friday impact: It’s been almost a week since online poker was rocked by Black Friday. What’s the impact going to be as the dust settles? Get some of the answers here.

Absolute Poker statement: The online poker site that was targeted in federal indictments and seizures made a statement on Thursday. Read it here.

PPA issues release: The Poker Players Alliance spoke after it was announced that the domains for PokerStars and Full Tilt would be released to facilitate players being able to withdraw their funds. Read it here.

And if you want to do something other than sit on your hands, here’s some action you can take, courtesy of the PPA.

History of online pokerz: Courtesy of the New York Times here. Interesting read if you don’t know all the history, or just want to see how mainstream media treat online poker.

Online poker legislation update: What’s going on with the bill to regulate online poker at the federal level? And what about all those state bills floating around? We give you one-stop shopping here for updates on legislative efforts that could regulate online poker throughout the country.

Antigua blasts U.S.: We’re pretty sure the U.S. doesn’t care, but an Antigua official accused America of being “in breach of international law” as a result of their recent crackdown on online poker. More here.

lols: OK, all that serious stuff about online poker can be a downer. Thankfully we have talented 2+2ers to cheer us up in the wake of Black Friday. Awesome Paint thread here.

Antonius owns: Patrik Antonius is apparently happy to get rid of all those U.S. donks that don’t respect his raises. He’s been winning a lot of money of late. Story here, graph below on the top winners today in the high-stakes cash games below:


There is still live poker: Despite all the news about the online stuff, live poker is still being played across the globe. For a look at some of the big tourneys coming up, watch below:

More bad news for poker on TV: Even Europe programming isn’t immune to problems, it appears, after the U.S. pulled a bunch of shows because of ties to PokerStars and Full Tilt. Story here on the crew for “The Poker Lounge” walking off set when the show didn’t get money it was due. It appears that this could just be a temporary delay, however.

But High Stakes Poker’s season 7 will continue to air on GSN. Story here.