Phil Ivey takes you inside his living room, High Stakes Poker analysis, and betting odds of Negreanu vs. Isildur1. It’s all in today’s PTP Hit and Run.

Phil Ivey’s living room: He took a picture of it, online poker world goes bananas. Pic here, Ivey’s Twitter account (now verified) here. Five TVs, sick life.

Negreanu vs. Isildur1, take two: Want to bet on the match this Sunday between Viktor Blom and Daniel Negreanu? Odds are out, and Isildur1 is a big favorite. That’s not shocking, since he already took $150K from Negreanu the first time around, last Sunday.

High Stakes Poker recap: What happened in the last episode of HSP? Read more here, including Andrew Robl’s nittiness, Vanessa Selbt’s entertainment, and more.

Or watch it here:

Sunday Storm goes to TV: There’s a TV commercial for this week’s tournament at PokerStars (formerly known as the Sunday 1/4 million), an $11 tourney with a $1 million guaranteed prize pool (for one week only). Watch below:

In other online tourney news, FTOPS XX was announced, and starts on April 17th, with $38 million guaranteed over 45 events.

New PokerStars pro: Eugene Katchalov joined the site as a pro. The only weird thing is it took this long for it to happen. He’s won a WPT event, a WCOOP event, and the PCA High Roller event, and he’s an all-around baller.

Saving Cake Poker?: Interesting take here on the rumored sale of Cake Poker to Cake has been on a downswing, with some rooms leaving and joining the network in recent times. Will this move stabilize Cake? Time will tell.

Nevada casino OK with legalized online poker and gambling: Story here about South Point giving its blessing to legislation currently being considered in the state. Why is this a big deal? Because no casino has publicly commented on anything regarding regulated online poker and gambling previously.

Sebok+Aguiar=blackmailing?: Story here tracks the latest slap fight at 2+2, between Joe Sebok and Jon “FatalError” Aguiar. Aguiar posted a direct message he received from Sebok on Twitter, with not a nice tone, and he posted it at 2+2. Shockingly, drama ensued.

Power rankings: The latest BLUFF/ESPN power rankings are out. Read them here. Sorel Mizzi and Eric Baldwin are still one and two, while Phil Ivey is working on a move into the top 10.