A new twist in New Jersey, Duke talks pros-only league, and Tony G’s dog is set to make a cameo. It’s all in today’s PTP Hit and Run.

New twist in N.J. sportsbetting case: Story here from iMEGA (Interactive Media Entertainment & Gaming Association), about the ongoing attempt of NJ to enter into the regulated sports betting business. Long story short, a 1991 federal law stops the expansion of sports betting in states that didn’t already allow the practice. The plaintiffs (basically the state of NJ) say the law is unconstitutional; the Department of Justice (the defendant) says it is within the bounds of the constitution, and that a recent N.J. vote to legalize and regulate sports betting has no bearing on the case. We’ll keep you updated.

Duke talks pros-only league: Earlier in the week we reported on a new “pros-only” league that would he headed up by Annie Duke (you can read that story here). Annie Duke did a two-part interview talking more about the league here and here. The next big piece of news everyone is waiting for? Who will be invited to play, and who will accept. Will we see Phil Ivey, Tom “durrrr” Dwan the rest of the ballers, or will they have better things to do?

Live poker on TV good for poker?: Wickedchopspoker.com tackled the question in the wake of the near-live coverage of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure main event on ESPN2. Their conclusion? It’s great if you already play poker and love details, not so great if you are a casual player/viewer.

New PokerStars pro: Congrats to Andrew “Foucault” Brokos, the newest member of Team PokerStars Pro Online. Story here. Brokos is best known for a couple of deep runs in the WSOP main event.

Antonius>kagome kagome: Story here about a big session between the Finn and the German.

For what’s going on in today’s high-stakes action, look below:


Want to play poker with Adrian Peterson?: Here’s your chance to shuffle up and deal with the Minnesota Vikings running back. He is hosting a charity poker tournament at the Super Bowl; more details here.

What’s that crazy Aussie up to?: Tony G is at the Aussie Millions, obv. He’s bringing his dog to the tournament series, apparently. Watch below:

85% rakeback? Wat?: True story. Read more details about how you can get it here.

Poker tour for Central and Eastern Europe: The Eureka Poker Tour is being launched by PokerStars, and has a little bit of overlap with the European Poker Tour, obviously. Story here. The tour begins in March in Prague, and there will be stops in Slovenia, Bulgaria, Croatia and Romania.