The New England Patriots’ win in Super Bowl LI will likely lead to many outrageous betting stories in coming days. The Oakland Raiders cut Sheldon Adelson out of plans to move to Las Vegas. New Hampshire reverts to hands-off approach to online gaming.

The Superest Bowl

It’s currently 10:40 PM Eastern Standard Time and most of the Americans I have on my Twitter feed are engaged in a collective emotional meltdown: some overjoyed, others trying to process their shock and disbelief. American football is often criticized as a sport for the extent to which a team with a substantial lead can lock down the game, but tonight was the exception to prove the rule as the New England Patriots let themselves fall into a 21-3 hole by halftime, only to tie the game up in the final minute of the second half and win in overtime.

Any time hugely improbable scenarios unfold in a high-profile sports match, those of us deeply involved with gambling want to know who chose the right moment to take the long shot, and just how much they won. We’ll almost certainly see stories in coming days about bettors who won large sums banking on a Patriots comeback, and it’ll be interesting to see just how juicy the odds got when victory seemed impossible.

Quick Hitters

– Also in football news, the prospects for the Oakland Raiders to move to Las Vegas now seem slimmer. Billionaire casino mogul Sheldon Adelson has announced that he’s pulling out of the deal, though it appears the reality may be that he was forced out.

– reports that New Hampshire’s legislature will soon vote on a bill which – as something of a footnote – would decriminalize online gambling in the state. It’s hard to predict what simple decriminalization without legalization or regulation will ultimately mean, but Dan Katz is optimistic.

– A Pennsylvania casino has been fined by regulators for failing to cut off a patron who ordered a total of 29 drinks over the course of a nine-hour gambling session. Rephrasing the story, if you were wondering how stingy the pours are on complimentary drinks at a casino, a guy drank 29 of them in nine hours and is still alive.

– How much of a factor is fatigue in poker performance? PokerUpdate wonders whether the recent Brains vs. AI poker challenge would have turned out differently if the humans had been given time to rest between sessions.