Max Pescatori’s fourth WSOP bracelet has cleared its reserve on eBay. Two video gamers from the UK have been slapped with stiff fines for running an eSports betting operation. What games are conspicuously absent from the WSOP schedule? And more.

Italian Pirate, or Italian PR Magnate?

Central Italy, despite having been seismically rather calm for the past century, has seen bit hit with a series of fairly strong earthquakes over the past six months. Now, Italy’s fan-favourite poker player, Max “the Italian Pirate” Pescatori, has put the most recent of his four WSOP gold bracelets up for auction on eBay, pledging the proceeds to the charity “Capiricchia nel Cuore” which is dedicated to earthquake relief in the region.

The auction went up early in the week, but with a $6000 reserve which was only hit Thursday night. One subsequent bid was made shortly thereafter, for $6100, but no further action has been seen over the weekend. With the reserve met, the bracelet will sell at this point, but perhaps not for as much as Pescatori had hoped, barring a last-minute bidding war.

Quick Hitters

– Two British YouTube sensations have been slapped with huge fines for running an unlicensed online gambling operation. Craig Douglas and Dylan Rigby were fined £91,000 and £164,000 respectively for running a site allowing to users to bet on virtual soccer matches played via EA Games’s FIFA franchise, using virtual currency with real-world value.

– James Guill at PokerUpdate opines on this summer’s WSOP schedule, wishing that certain less-popular games had their own events. His list includes my own favorite Badugi, among others.

– Over at PokerStrategy, Barry Carter has penned a better-than-average piece on the subject of anonymity in online poker. Rather than focusing on the usual issue of third-party software use, he makes some good points about online privacy and transparency in general.

– After some procrastination, I managed to get out the sixth and penultimate instalment of my Life Lessons from Poker series. Part 6 deals with the question of bankroll management.