“Yayogate” originator Marc Klang has apparently been paid off by some of the accused. James Chen has bagged the largest ever poker win on Australian soil. The Tampa Bay Downs has become embroiled in the ongoing Poker Players Championship scandal. And more.

Degenerate Gambler Turns Out to Prefer Money to Honesty

If you’re just tuning in, this week’s big poker drama has been a self-admitted degenerate gambler and drug abuser named Marc Klang accusing poker pro John Racener of running an underground gambling ring and, in conjunction with several others including Paul “Zima” Dlugozima,” owing him $500,000 in unpaid winnings.

Despite his background undermining his perceived reliability, Klang won over many in the poker community due to both his being upfront about his own failings and the degree and consistency of details he provided about how the events allegedly went down. Among these details was that he’d been listening to the song “Yayo” on repeat throughout, which has led to the incident being colloquially referred to as “Yayogate.”

The latest development is that on Friday, Klang suddenly did a 180 on his statements about the character of Racener and his associate Justin Zaki, without retracting his assertions about the events in question, or that others – Dlugozima specifically – still owe him money.

The natural assumption to be made here is that Klang was in fact owed money and that Racener and Zaki have decided to pay up on condition that Klang does his best to clear their reputation. Nonetheless, many of the same forums users who initially expressed admiration for Klang for coming forward and hoped he’d get his money now feel he’s sold out by recanting his story in order to do so.

Quick Hitters

– The young man from Taiwan known as James Chen is on an incredible heater. He won the Macau High Roller Cup last September, then came storming into the 2017 Aussie Millions with wins in first the $2,500 H.O.R.S.E. event and now the $25,000 Challenge. This latter came with a total prize pool of over $3 million and $862,000 (AUD) for Chen, the largest first-place prize to be awarded in a $25K on Australian soil.

– In case you still have your hopes up, Tom McEvoy’s WSOP bracelet and memorabilia collection has not in fact been sold. A new listing is up on eBay and this collector’s dream can be yours for a song and $15,000 cash.

– The financial failure of the Poker Players Championship tour has led to more widespread legal action, now including the Tampa Bay Downs Casino, which owns and operates the Silks Poker Room. That latter not only ran satellites to the Aruba World Championship, which failed to pay out its winners, but allegedly supplied some of the dealers and staff for the event.

– If you haven’t had enough of poker/politics comparisons already, Bloomburg has a piece on Trump featuring quotes by Daniel Negreanu. The gist seems to be simply that Trump bluffs too much, but somehow the piece misses the obvious and much more useful observation that he commits the classic beginner mistake of bluffing most aggressively when he is weakest.