Big news day. PokerNews put forth a detailed breakdown of recent attendance trends at the WSOP. Boston is suing the Massachusetts Gaming Commission. The “Phil Hellmuth” of $2/$5 NLHE. And more.

PokerNews breaks down the 2015 WSOP field sizes

PokerNews spent some time poring over data from recent World Series of Poker tournament series (going back several years where applicable) and put together a very detailed breakdown of this year’s attendance, event by event.

The compiled data gives a solid glimpse into the ever-evolving world of poker, and what events and structures are on the ascent, and what types of tournaments are falling out of favor.

Boston lawsuit against MGC gets personal

The battle between the city of Boston, Wynn Resorts, and the Massachusetts Gaming Commission is one of the more fascinating in the casino industry. From land owners with mob ties to politicians feeling their municipality isn’t getting its fair share of kickbacks, this story has a little bit of everything, including lawsuits.

Quick Hitters

Meet Sangni Zhao, the “Phil Hellmuth” of $2/$5 NLHE in Las Vegas.

– Vanessa Selbst will be hosting a charity fundraiser for the Urban Justice Center. Selbst will be joined by her fellow Team PokerSTars Pro Daniel Negreanu at the event.

– Which November Niners are giving bettors the best value?

– Bill Chen and Matt Glantz have proffered a new tournament payout structure and after looking at the structure, kicking the tires and checking under the hood, PTP’s Alex Weldon has his own thoughts on the topic.

– Olivier Busquet getting publicity he certainly doesn’t want, as the poker pro’s supposed exploits (keep in mind this is a Las Vegas gossip site) landed him on

– If you thought it was going to just fade away think again as Phil Ivey has filed a countersuit against the Borgata. Another article delved into the Phil Ivey’s edge sorting case yesterday as well. C’mon, you know you want to click the link.