Winamax mistakenly gives a player $1.5 million… hilarity ensues. Bill Perkins’ and Dan Bilzerian’s $600k prop bet. Online poker bill dies in Washington State legislature. And more.

Winamix makes a bank error in player’s favor

Every now and then a story comes along that is hard to believe – which is saying something when you’ve followed the ins and outs of the poker world since the late 1990’s. But this was certainly the case this morning when Twitter caught hold of the following story detailing how Winamax had accidentally deposited $1.5 million into a player’s account.

As crazy as that is (imagine being that player and logging on to the site) what happened next was even crazier. Apparently unphased by the mysterious sum of money, the player decided to put that money to work at the online poker tables. Fortunately, he only lost about $3,000, but decided to withdraw $9,000.

Winamax was willing to forgive the $3,000 in losses but asked the player to return the $9,000 withdrawal. He declined. And here we are.

Quick Hitters

– Not content with getting Antonio Esfandiari booted from the PokerStars PCA, Bill Perkins has already moved on to another prop bet, this time with poker player Dan Bilzerian. So what’s the new wager? Perkins has apparently bet Bilzerian $600k that he can’t’ ride a bicycle from Los Angeles to Las Vegas in 48 hours. It’s doable, but you have to factor in the locale, as a lot of the trip will be through the desert.

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– For the second consecutive year, a bill that would legalize and regulate online poker in Washington State has been left for dead, failing to meet the legislative deadline.

– A historical look at the effect online poker has on brick & mortar poker rooms, and why brick & mortar casinos should embrace online poker regulation even if they don’t intend to launch a site.