Did a team of poker players really tie the computer Claudico, despite coming out ahead? And who is BLUFF’s new No. 1-ranked player? It’s all in our daily wrap-up of the world of poker, the Hit and Run.

A tie, huh?

So, when the heads-up poker pros beat the poker-playing computer program Claudico, the people writing the press releases for the bot said, “LOL, whatever, it was a tie, guys.” We’re paraphrasing of course. Well, our Alex Weldon takes a closer look at whether such a claim might actually be accurate, or if the pros deserved to be declared the outright winner.

Quick hitters

–Dan Smith moves atop the BLUFF power rankings, displacing Mike Leah.
–The Spring Championship of Online Poker is underway at Pokerstars, and Mohsin “sms9231” Charania (aka chicagocards1) has a second title under his belt.
–The World Poker Tour Amsterdam is underway. Video from the scene:

–The latest from the Latin America Poker Tour Panama.
–Vanessa Selbst hits daytime TV:

–George Danzer was on Twitch to talk about 2-7 triple draw.
–A look at the best beards in poker:

How to defeat angle shooters.