Who are the top tweeters for 2016? Bank of America doesn’t want Daniel Negreanu’s business. World Series of Poker Champion Joe McKeehen makes the podcast rounds.

Who to follow on the Twitter in 2016

Over the past two weeks I’ve penned two articles (actually I typed them on my computer, I just like the way the word “penned” sounds) listing a total of 23 people to follow on Twitter. The first column covered the best of the best when it comes to poker tweets, while the second listed the best follows if you’re interested in daily fantasy sports and/or sports betting.

And obviously, you should be following the official Part Time Poker Twitter account and the accounts of our writers:


Alex Weldon

Steve Ruddock

Quick Hitters

– Daniel Negreanu had his bank account and credit cards cancelled because “he plays too much poker.”  This is actually a pretty common occurrence due to chargeback and other concerns  harbored by financial institutions, and unfortunately for professional poker players, they get lumped into the risky category.

– WSOP Main Event champion Joe McKeehen has been making the interview and podcast rounds, and one of his most recent stops was on Bernard Lee’s eponymously named, The Bernard Lee Poker Show.

– Our latest installment of the Forum Files is what Alex Weldon called an “End of Year Miscellany” which is Alex’s way of saying a hodgepodge (or perhaps a potpourri) of unrelated stories.

– Barry Carter takes a look at the move towards recreational models that was implemented by most online poker rooms over the course of 2015.

– It looks like Antigua’s years-long dispute with the United States over online gambling websites may finally be coming to an end. Details are not available, but considering Antigua’s previous hard-line stance, and the WTO ruling in their favor, it’s likely the small island nation has reached a settlement with the U.S.

– Betfair is pulling out of Canada according to a report at FlushDraw.com.