Donnie Peters posts an old poker quiz from 2002. The November Nine betting lines have Josephy as a heavy favorite. The Massachusetts Model. And more.

November Nine betting lines

The betting lines for the November Nine rarely have any surprises, and almost always are created based on chip counts. Oddsmakers seem to be sticking to the formula for their 2016 lines, as the odds are once again chip count dependent.

The only interesting line is for chip leader Cliff Josephy who will enter the final table as a heavy favorite, as bettors will get slightly less than 2/1 if they bet on JohnnyBax.

  • Cliff Josephy with 74,600,000 chips is 15/8
  • Qui Nguyen with 67,925,000 chips is 4/1
  • Gordon Vayo with 49,375,000 chips is 9/2
  • Kenny Hallaert with 43,325,000  chips is 5/1
  • Michael Ruane with 31,600,000 chips is 15/2
  • Vojtech Ruzicka with 27,300,000 chips is 9/1
  • Griffin Benger with  26,175,000 chips is 15/2
  • Jerry Wong with 10,175,000 chips is 22/1
  • Fernando Pons with 6,150,000 chips is 33/1

The best value has to be Griffin Benger at 15/2. Benger is a known quantity in poker, and while he’s short-stacked he’s not THAT short-stacked.

Quick Hitters

– Pop quiz hotshot! How would you do on a limit Holdem hand history quiz from 2002? Probably not very well, considering the crazy questions Donnie Peters dug up in an old poker magazine. The answers are to put it mildly, shocking. And keep in mind that even I find the answers shocking, and I used to play $10/$20 limit holdem in 2002.

– Massachusetts has enacted the most robust consumer protections in gaming, but so far, the burdensome programs that many thought would cripple operators are proving to be having a positive effect.

– Alex Weldon gets the poker world up to date on the latest rankings from the Global poker Index to the World Series of Poker Player of the Year, in the latest installment of the Part Time Poker Poker Rankings Update.