Somerville shatters his own Twitch record. A private email exchange about Lock Poker between Eric “Rizen” Lynch and Todd “DanDruff” Witteles revealed.  What’s killing poker?

The phoenix Rizen?

As we first noted last week, poker pro, and former Lock Poker spokesman, Eric “Rizen” Lynch is back to blogging after being MIA in the poker world for well over a year. But it appears not everyone in poker is altogether happy with his return. Todd “DanDruff” Witteles is one person who thinks Rizen hasn’t sufficiently explained his role at Lock Poker, which prompted Witteles to post some private emails between the two at his website.

Jason Somerville pwns poker on Twitch

With a final table in the $700 buy-in Progressive Super Knockout event in the PokerStars WCOOP, Team PokerStars Pro Jason Somerville broke his own poker Twitch record by attracting 37,000 simultaneous viewers – easily beating his previous high of 21,000 viewers.

Somerville continues to be one of the most popular poker pros in the world, and has a cult-like following on Twitch that has led to not only a PokerStars sponsorship, but also sponsorships by DraftKings and Twitch itself.

Quick Hitters

– Our weekly look at what’s hot on the forums found an interesting trend among 2+2’ers, as not one, not two, not three, but four separate threads are currently discussing what’s killing poker. It should be noted that each thread has a different culprit.

– A column discussing the ethics of using tracking software at the online poker tables recently appeared on the mainstream site, and the non-poker-playing author’s final thoughts were a bit of a surprise to me. You can read the article here and see if you agree or disagree with his assessment.

– Meanwhile, over at Poker Update, a column calls on poker pros to speak out against the use of online poker software.

– Check out All-In Magazine’s choices for Week 1 DFS sleepers. High on their list are Green Bay’s Davonte Adams and the Miami Dolphins defense.’s Rafi Farber takes to task for accepting the more lucrative, but far more risky bid, proffered by GVC over the safer bid of 888 Holdings.