Ron Paul continues to denounce the proposed RAWA online gambling ban. Hall of Fame finalists bio. Is DFS appropriate for nine year olds? And more

Ron Paul continues to push back against RAWA

Former congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul is once again ginning up opposition to the proposed online gambling ban sitting in Congress. This time Paul warns Republican candidates that support for this bill will be viewed as a hypocritical stance by libertarian leaning Republicans.

Paul has been one of the most vocal critics of the Restoration of America’s Wire Act bill that has been floating around Congress for the past two years. He has also been one of the few people willing to call out Sheldon Adelson’s involvement in the process, calling Adelson’s singualr push for the online gambling ban “crony capitalism.”

Quick Hitters

– MPN will now allow players to change their screen names.

– Read Part Time Poker’s first bio on the 2015 Poker Hall of Fame finalists. The first poker legend we profile is Chris Bjorin.

– Usually adversaries, Connecticut’s two tribes, the Mohegans and Pequots, are getting closer to working together to build a northern Connecticut casino in an effort to offset Massachusetts’ casinos coming online.

– A controversial article at ESPNW offers a firsthand account of a father teaching his son to play small buy-in DFS contests… Did I mention the son is 9; that seems important?  Needless to say, the author has not been treated kindly on the interwebs.

– The AGA is calling the federal sports betting ban a complete failure, as the trade group’s data indicates that $95 billion will be wagered on sports in the U.S. this year. $93 billion of that will be wagered illegally.

– Rush Street Gaming wants the Massachusetts Gaming Commission to make up their mind on their proposed Brockton, MA casino.