Paul Phua opens up about his life and tries to set the record straight. Reaction to insider trading charges against PokerStars CEO.  What was the peak of the poker boom? And more.

More reactions to PokerStars Insider Trading charges

The insider trading charges leveled against Amaya Gaming CEO David Baazov has the poker world buzzing, and while my colleague Alex Weldon did a terrific job summarizing the situation in yesterday’s H&R, even more has been written and said since.

Over at, Chris Grove detailed how the new developments will impact online gaming legalization across the United States, while I focused on the potential ramifications for California (where PokerStars has formed several high-profile partnerships) in a column that appeared on

The news was so big Joey Ingram decided it was worth an “Emergency Session” of the Poker life Podcast, and he and Canadian poker pro Mike McDonald discussed the situation at length.

Quick Hitters

– In a very interesting interview, Paul Phua talked to PokerNews in an effort to set the record straight about his ties to organized crime and the title of “World’s Biggest Bookie” Sports Illustrated tagged him with.

– The 2+2 community chimes in on the apex of the Poker Boom, and the general consensus seems to be that poker peaked in the Summer of 2006.

– Speaking of the poker boom, in its earliest days there was a strong resistance to online poker and no limit holdem by the entrenched poker pros, which got me to thinking; are the current crop of poker pros are making the same mistakes in the way they’re reacting to the current changes occurring in the poker world?

– PokerStars has quite a bit going on, but that didn’t stop the site from launching a new tournament series, The Mountain. The new series only lasts four days, and over the course of those three days the site will host 10 tournaments with progressively larger buy-ins.

– Rob Yong offers up his thoughts on the different types of tournament structures the poker world currently uses.

– David Vamplew takes PokerStars to task for their recent rake hikes, more specifically, in Vamplew’s opinion, the way the company is trying to whitewash the rake increase as something good for the game.

– Pennsylvania’s casino operators posted a solid month in February, and the industry is on pace for its best year ever.