What impact did the PokerStars boycott have? Depends on who you ask. RAWA will have its day in the House of Representatives. Portugal will ring fence its player pool. And more.

RAWA hearing officially scheduled for December 9th

On December 9, RAWA sponsor Jason Chaffetz will host a dog and pony show hearing titled, “A CASINO IN EVERY SMARTPHONE – LAW ENFORCEMENT IMPLICATIONS.”

The hearing will take place in front of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, and if Chaffetz’s previous RAWA hearing is any indication, expect biased witnesses, inflammatory statements and questions from Chaffetz, and a lot of raised eyebrows from other members of the committee.

If we’re lucky, Chaffetz will skip the hearing altogether, instead of just leaving early like he did at the last one.

Stars Boycott wraps up; opinions of impact vary

The player boycott of PokerStars is in its final day, and even though most people seem to believe the end result will be an olive branch from PokerStars, with the site offering players some kind of compromise on Supernova Elite benefits through 2016 and full redemption value of all current FPP’s beyond the December 31st deadline, the efficacy of the boycott is varied.

Robert DellaFave wrote that the success was masked by the milestone hand promotion that saw traffic jump (not drop) 33% the first day, but as Kim Lund noted on Twitter, the milestone hand promotion’s success is the epitome of irony:

My feelings on the protest can be found here *SPOILER ALERT* I think it was doomed to fail.

Quick Hitters

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– 5 more poker predictions for 2016 from Poker Update.

– Quebec might prohibit all other gaming sites in order to create a monopoly for their state run gaming sites according to Alex Weldon.

– Portugal’s regulated online poker industry was supposed to join the larger global player pool, but according to PokerFuse the market will now be segregated.

– Two quite funny stories involving poker pros are the first and second posts in this thread on 2+2. The first is quite off-color, but the second, by Jimmie Fricke, is terrific.