A postmortem of the recently concluded PokerStars boycott. Can you make money playing in bad poker rooms? PPA get involved in Kentucky court case. And more.

Another PokerStars boycott postmortem

PokerNews has weighed in on the efficacy of the player-organized boycott of PokerStars. While the article is well-reasoned and measured, it does look at the boycott from the viewpoint of the players, and fails to mention several reasons the boycott may have been harmful, such as the optics, or the simple fact that the boycott failed on Day 1 not because the site ran a promotion, but because of the effectiveness of the promotion – and its these types of promotions that will replace the VIP rewards PokerStars is doing away with.

The one thing I do agree with, is that we will be hearing from PokerStars in the very near future, and the players will likely be offered an olive branch.

Quick Hitters

– The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement is trying to finalize three new regulations to help the state’s online gambling industry. The new rules are already in place, but the DGE hopes to have them finalized in early 2016.

– Poker Strategy offers some contrarian reasons for playing at “bad” online and brick & mortar poker rooms. Yes, the software may suck, or, in the case of a live poker room,  the chairs may be old and uncomfortable, but the benefits may outweigh these issues.

– The World Poker Fund Holdings has acquired RealDeck, an online poker development company.

– Lee Davy recently interviewed Danielle Moon-Andersen, who will soon be on the reality TV show, Girl Got Game.

– The PPA has filed a motion to make sure if (that’s a huge if by the way) the Kentucky courts rule in favor of the state and issue a settlement in a longstanding case against PokerStars, the poker players, and not the state will get the money.