Good news on the Pennsylvania online gaming front. Jamie Staples gets a promotion from PokerStars, while another Team Online member quits. RAWA not a priority for GOP candidates.

Pennsylvania online gambling bill hits a snag

The recent rumors of the demise of the online gambling bill have been greatly exaggerated, according to the architect of the bill, Pennsylvania Representative John Payne. Recent reports signaling the death of the state’s online gambling bill are a bit premature and somewhat out of context, since iGaming was never meant to be part of the state’s budget, and was only added as a Hail Mary to end the state’s budget stalemate.

In an interview with Online Poker Report, Payne explained the current situation in Pennsylvania, and why early 2016 is the best possibility for the PA legislature to pass an online gambling bell.

Jamie Staples elevated to PokerStars Team Pro

Twitch sensation Jamie “Stapes” Staples has been promoted by PokerStars. Staples no longer appears on the PokerStars website as a “Friend of PokerStars” as he is now a full Team Online Pro, one of the highest honors in poker, and also one of the most difficult to attain.

A lot of Staples success and popularity stem from his Twitch Channel, where, along with fellow PokerStars Team Pro member Jason Somerville, he’s become one of the faces of poker Twitch streamers.

When it comes to poker sponsorships, Twitch success in 2015 appears to be akin to winning multiple major tournaments in 2005.

Quick Hitters

– Team Online Pro may have gotten a boost with the addition of Jamie Staples, but they also suffered a blow, as PokerStars Team Online Pro Alex Millar is now “former” PokerStars Team Online Pro Alex Millar, after announcing his resignation from the team over the recent VIP changes made by the company.

– Poker Listings sat down with poker pro and author Jonathan Little to get his thoughts on all things poker, including his thoughts on the PokerStars boycott.

– The Las Vegas Review-Journal editorial board had the chance to sit down with a number of GOP Presidential candidates and talk to them about Nevada-centric issues, including online gambling. What they found was most of the candidates had little enthusiasm about addressing online gaming on the federal level.

– Will Massachusetts pass an omnibus online gaming bill in 2016? The idea of combining online gaming and daily fantasy sports into one omnibus package was floated at a forum last week.