PokerStars responds to criticisms and announces $4 million freeroll. RAWA may have breathed its last breathe on Wednesday. Who are the 10 richest poker players?

PokerStars responds to boycott and announces $4 million in freerolls

After their boycott failed to live up to the hype, PokerStars released a statement on Wednesday evening that essentially said, “NO SOUP FOR YOU!”

The announcement, penned by Amaya’s Head of Corporate Communications Eric Hollreiser, and started off by announcing four $1 million freerolls the site would host in 2016, before, for the first time, formally addressing the boycott and the criticism the company has received.

Hollreiser admits there was a lack of communication about the specifics of the changes, but also confirmed these changes would still be going into effect in 2016.

The statement coincided with a blog post by Daniel Negreanu, where he spoke to the players directly.

RAWA Hearing was a first round TKO

Jason Chaffetz and RAWA supporters may have seen their already slim chances of passing a federal online gambling ban go up in smoke. Wednesday’s RAWA hearing was a completely one-sided affair.

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