Player wins a $250k jackpot Spin & Go tournament live on Twitch. What seminars and discussions are on tap for G2E 2016? What we learned at the 2016 World Series of Poker. And more.

Watch a player win $250k in real time

Sometimes everything just lines up perfectly and that’s precisely what happened when a Russian player using the screen-name “SolidPenis” managed to win a $250k Spin & Go tournament while he was broadcasting his poker session on Twitch.

So, for those of you interested, here’s what it looks like to win $250k:

Not since the days of Jim Moran Jr. have we been able to eavesdrop on what it looks like to have the poker world by the balls – amazingly, Moran Jr. presciently used the screen-name fedor1.

“I worked that guy! I worked you!”

Quick Hitters

– The third installment of Part Time Poker’s Keith Woernle’s series on how to grow poker is live, and this time around Keith takes a look at, what he has dubbed, the Tournament Virtuous Cycle.

The other entries in this series can be found here:

– The Borgata, the crown jewel of East Coast poker, is the topic of this feature.

–’s Lance Bradley has written a postmortem on the 2016 WSOP, outlining the five things Lance learned at the summer series.

– G2E 2016 is still a couple months away, but the schedule has already been released, and I’ve done my due diligence and gone through the entire three agenda to find the best seminars, which is extremely important this year, since G2E’s scheduling has reduced the number of seminars one can attend.

– The satirical website is back at it; this time with an article talking about complications stemming from PokerStars operation to remove Full Tilt Poker – the best part of the Onion-esque column is the final line about a previous operation to remove something.