PokerStars takes proactive approach to bot detection. Baby delivery leads to controversial ruling at the Aussie Millions. Will Pennsylvania pass online gambling by July?  And more.

PokerStars bot crackdown

In the current, post-VIP changes climate, everything PokerStars does will likely be met with a skeptical eye. This was certainly the case when it came to light that some PokerStars players were receiving emails asking them to prove (by filming a video of a session) that they were in fact playing, and not using a bot.

The email (which has been confirmed as legitimate) requires the players to not only videotape a 70-minute session, but to pan the camera around to show their surroundings and use a “clean” desktop – also known as proving you’re not using third-party software or getting advice off-camera.

The story first broke on 2+2 as the existence of the emails came to light (by proxy), and has since been picked up by several outlets.

Quick Hitters

– This week we left the world of 2+2’s NVG forum and landed in the tells/behavior forum, where Alex Weldon found four worthy threads to compile for this week’s installment of the Forum Files.

– No word yet on what was discussed, or if any type of accord was reached when several players representing the poker community met with PokerStars executives. I’m surprised it’s been this long, but I still expect details (to some degree) to come to light.

– If this turns out to be 100% accurate (always have to throw in that caveat) a very strange ruling was issued at the Aussie Millions as the Crown Casino allowed another player to take over the stack of a woman who went to the hospital to have a baby.

Bet365 and Unibet will both have to pay fines in Australia for advertising a reward on their website, which is apparently against New South Wales gambling advertisement policies.

– Aristotle International secured a full Ancillary Casino Service Industry Enterprise license from the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement. Aristotle handles Know Your Customer and Gelocation checks in New Jersey.

– Pennsylvania Representative John Payne has intimated that he expects parts of the gaming reform bill to be passed by July. The centerpiece of that bill is online gambling.