Player boycott of PokerStars off to a rough start. The debut of the Holdem X website, a hybrid version of poker developed by Alex Dreyfus. EPT Prague could be a record setter.

The PokerStars boycott has opposite effect

There was a lot of chatter, and a lot of different opinions, leading up to the player-organized three-day boycott of PokerStars as to just how impactful it would be, but the actual results during the first day (in terms of cash game traffic) were shocking to say the least.

Even with some 2,500 participants in the boycott, PokerStars cash game traffic didn’t drop at all, in fact, it grew. And it grew a lot; besting the site’s two-week peak traffic tally by some 30%.

Part of the problem was one of timing, as PokerStars was doling out $100k in milestone hand rewards on Tuesday, and of course the start of a new calendar month, with new leader boards and other promotions.

There is still a lot of time left in the boycott and to their credit the players seem undeterred by the early traffic gains.

Quick Hitters

– The upcoming PokerStars EPT Prague tournament series is being billed as the largest tournament series in EPT history.

– Part Time Poker’s Alex Weldon smartly nips around the corners of the current fight between high-volume players and PokerStars, weighing in on player value, and why estimating any one player’s worth is arbitrary. According to Weldon, value is fluid and largely determined by individual player-to-player interactions.

– Daniel Negreanu went into the lion’s den last night, making an appearance on Joe Ingram’s podcast to discuss the VIP changes at PokerStars.

– Alex Dreyfus’s new poker game, Holdem X, now has a website, and a way for players to give the game a test drive.