Former Team Pro Marcel Luske is suing PokerStars. California online poker bill is running out of gas. Viceland examines how hard is it to spot a poker cheat? And more.

Marcel Luske suing PokerStars

– Former Team PokerStars Pro Marcel Luske is suing PokerStars. According to Luske, he had a handshake agreement with PokerStars that would allow PokerStars to adopt Luske’s International Poker Rules at the cost of $25,000/year. Luske feels PokerStars adopted his rules with minor tweaks after cancelling the arrangement with Marcel.

Luske created the International Rules of Poker back in 2008 to try to bring consistency to the current rules across the poker world, and tackle what has always been a card room’s job from the players’ point of view.

Quick Hitters

– Shaun Deeb wanted to play on the current Poker Night in America cash game, but when he couldn’t get a seat he decided to go home and watch the game on a live stream. The story would have ended there if it weren’t for Matt Glantz noticing something interesting in the picture Deeb took.

F5 Poker clued me in to this story: Viceland did a provocative segment on a former poker mechanic who would cheat unwitting poker players. Check it out here.

– Poker Central has hired three new ambassadors: Maria Ho, Tom Marchese, and Brian Rast.

– California online poker isn’t dead yet, but it’s currently on life support. The legislative session is rapidly coming to a close, and there are still some serious issues that need to be ironed out – well, one serious issue, and several smaller ones.

– UNLV profiled one of the school’s alumni, Perry Friedman. Friedman recently finished law school at UNLV and setup a scholarship for future students on his way out the door. For those that don’t know about Friedman the poker player, he is a WSOP bracelet winner, and as a coder he was an integral part of creating Full Tilt Poker’s software.