Controversy erupts at the PCA over a $500 payout in a side event. Bryn Kenney and Steve O’Dwyer book wins at PCA. Interview with Jason Somerville. And more.

When the bubble bursts without bursting

A very interesting thread appeared on 2+2 this week when poker player Chris Underwood described a situation that occurred in a PCA side event that saw him go red with rage at tournament staff. Underwood explained (and PokerStars representatives later confirmed) that a tournament director mistakenly said the money bubble had burst when it had not. Underwood went all-in soon after and was eliminated, collected his ticket for $500 and went on his way.

However, the bubble hadn’t burst, and Underwood describes the staff at the PCA trying to coerce him to give the money back, which he adamantly refused to do because the announcement changed the way he played.  The back and forth between Stars and Underwood grew more contentious when they froze his account (over $500 mind you) but was later solved by a higher up.

The question now is, does Underwood deserve further compensation for the time and trouble he was put through… I think so.

Quick Hitters

– Bryn Kenney did the impossible: He knocked Joe McKeehen out of a poker tournament! But don’t feel too bad for McKeehen, his runner-up finish in the PCA $100k Super-High-Roller tournament was good for another seven-figure payday.

– Steve O’Dwyer’s domination of the poker world continued this weekend as the European based poker pro won nearly $1 million by coming out on top in the one-day $50k Super-High-Roller event at the PCA.  Because O’Dwyer generally stays in Europe, he’s probably the most underrated player in poker.

– Is the PokerStars PCA headed for the proverbial garbage bin? That’s the debate that arose on Twitter this weekend, and a topic I decided needed to be fleshed out even further with its own column.

– Robbie Strazynski is living out one of his poker dreams, covering the PCA and getting to rub shoulders with some of the biggest names in poker, and his latest “get” was none other than Jason Somerville.

– Poker Update asks the question if the poker media is fair and balanced, paying particular attention to the coverage of the PokerStars VIP changes announced late last year.