Pennsylvania online gambling is the real deal. New Jersey iGaming about to turn 2. Chris Moneymaker belongs in the Poker Hall of Fame. Dogs Playing Poker worth $650k.

Pennsylvania online gambling looking like the real deal

Last week’s vote by the Pennsylvania House Gaming Oversight Committee was the first step towards legal online gambling in Pennsylvania, and even though there is still a lot of heavy lifting left to do, things are looking pretty positive in PA, and the Poker Players Alliance is ramping up their advocacy efforts in the Keystone State. is reporting that if a bill is passed the industry could be up and running within six months, while Representative Rosita Youngblood is driving home the message that this isn’t about revenue (it is) but about consumer protections – which it also is.

Quick Hitters

– New Jersey’s online gambling industry is about to turn 2, and the industry had a pretty solid second year.

– John Hayes won the Mid Stakes Poker Tour (MSPT) Ho Chunk Main Event – this was Hayes’ second MSPT title.

– That Dogs Playing Poker painting is a real thing, and it’s pretty valuable (to someone) as it recently sold for $658k.

– Poker Update is never lacking for listicle ideas, and today’s entry is a bit of a somber one, as the website lists seven poker players who were lain to rest in 2015.

– Today I made the (easy) case on why Chris Moneymaker deserves to be in the Poker Hall of Fame. If he is inducted, Moneymaker would be the first person in the Poker Hall of Fame and the Internet Pokers Wall of Fame.

– Ericka (not Erick) Lindgren has a new role in the poker community, as the ambassador for the Venetian Poker Room – yes, the same Venetian poker room owned by Sheldon Adelson who is fighting to keep online poker illegal in the United States.