Ben “Sauce123” Sulsky has cracked the $1 million mark in 2016 winnings. RotoGrinders Community talks about rake. Negreanu talks politics with And more.

Negreanu on politics and poker

Daniel Negreanu is never one to shy away from a good political debate, and in a recent interview, Negreanu and PokerListings managed to avoid any direct questions about poker, although the topic of poker did come up during the political conversation which didn’t lack in hot takes.

Negreanu wasn’t overly surprised by some of the people who support Donald Trump (Matt Glantz being the exception), but he did throw some shade at Mike Matusow, calling him Trump’s key demographic. “The demographic for Trump is uneducated, low-intelligence, older, white, angry people, and that’s Mike Matusow to a tee,” Negreanu said.

Negreanu noted that the two are no longer friends, “He’s somebody I have considered a friend, but that’s no longer the case.”

Negreanu also said he thinks it’s unlikely you’d find a single Trump supporter in a high roller tournament.

DFS community talks rake

Rake is one of the ugliest four-letter words in poker, and it appears the daily fantasy sports community also abhors the word. In a thread over on, the community is engaging in a very interesting discussion on the topic of rake, and it includes players and site representatives.

Some of the ideas being thrown around are:

  • Overhauling and restructuring the current rake collections.
  • Raking lower stakes differently than higher stakes games (people have made the case for a higher percentage of rake at lower stakes games as well as a lower percentage for these games).

Considering poker players have been arguing about the rake since time immemorial, I don’t expect this discussion to die down anytime soon.

Quick Hitters

– Ben “Sauce123” Sulsky is the first online poker player to crack the million-dollar-mark in 2016. With September nearly upon us, the fact that Sulsky is the first player to crack this mark is somewhat telling, perhaps signifying just how tough the nosebleed games have become. As PokerStrategy notes, someone typically crosses the million-dollar-mark in the first half of the year, and back five or six years ago, that type of money was changing hands on a daily basis.

– Andrew and Alex are back with the latest installment of the Part Time Poker Podcast, and in this marathon session the guys touch on several topics, including, rules lawyers and angle shooting; Lance Bradley’s prop bet; and a new promotion PokerStars has rolled out in specific markets.

– PokerNews has an interesting and very in-depth profile of the man, the myth, the legend, Chris Moorman. Moorman, an 888 Poker Ambassador, is the winningest player in online tournament history (by a mile) and also one of the more intriguing young superstars in the game.