More controversy at the EPT Barcelona. A big laydown pre-flop leads to a very polarized discussion on social media. PokerStars makes huge changes to the 2015 PCA schedule.

How to freeroll a PLO pot in Barcelona

The EPT Barcelona can’t seem to stay out of the news. This is normally a good thing, but in recent days the popular tournament series is making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

The latest kerfuffle coming out of Barca occurred in a cash game at the casino. According to poker pro Dani “Ansky” Stern, a local player used a little known rule to freeroll Ansky in a massive 36k pot.

According to Stern, there were three all-in players and they all agreed to run it twice. Villain 1 won the first runout and Ansky the second, but when he tried to collect his half of the pot Villain 1 invoked a Casino Barcelona rule that doesn’t allow running it twice in multi-way pots, and therefore he should win the entire main pot and he and Ansky should split the side pot.

It’s doubtful this player would have brought up the rule had Ansky won the first runout.

Quick Hitters

– In early 2016 viewers tuning into Poker Night in America  will see a very crazy hand play out. You can read about the hand here, and see what our own Alex Weldon thinks of the play here.

PokerStars overhauled  the schedule for the 2015 PCA, including slashing the buy-in for the Main Event from $10k to $5k.

– The Aria Super High Roller Bowl will debut on CBS Sports this evening.

– Fantasy Sports and DFS are receiving the type of scrutiny they would rather avoid as more and more people call for the industry to regulated and designated as gambling. And now Gamblers Anonymous is considering adding Fantasy Sports to their list of problematic activities.

– Surprise, surprise, poker players aren’t overly thrilled with the recent changes to the VIP Program at PokerStars.

– Anthony Zinno is looking to add his name to the list of poker Triple Crown winners at the EPT Barcelona. Zinno is still in the hunt, albeit short-stacked, with 47 players remaining.