Will Donald Trump’s presidential bid advance iGaming? Bill Burr takes on DraftKings. MIT offering a free poker course. And more.

Will Donald Trump’s presidential run be good for iPoker?

Donald Trump has hijacked the Republican presidential primary campaign, and while he’s polarized the entire party his involvement in the debates might lead to online gambling being broached.

As US Poker notes, Trump’s history with gambling, and his willingness to pick off-the-beaten-path issues to attack his rivals might lead to him connecting several candidates to Sheldon Adelson through online gambling, and/or point out their willingness to trample state’s rights (a Republican party no-no) by calling for a federal ban of online gambling.

Bill Burr puts DraftKings in its place

When comedians use for material you know you’ve arrived, and so it is with DraftKings. The DFS is not gambling argument is coming to a boil, and was on full display when comedian Bill Burr decided to read a letter he received from DraftKings (one of his sponsors) asking him to refrain from using the word gambling when talking about the site.

The letter didn’t produce the desired effect, as Burr tore into the company for what he considers an asinine stance for a solid five minutes.

You can listen to Burr’s podcast here, the pertinent part begins at about the 26 minute mark.

Quick Hitters

Free MIT course will supposedly teach you to master poker. Will it work? Doubtful. But the lede is it’s free.

Joe McKeehen is taking almost a third of the chips in play into the WSOP Main Event final table in November. Not only is it the highest percentage in recent history, his lead over Zvi Stern is the widest margin as well.

GLPI and Pinnacle have agreed on a $4.7 billion merger.

And in the, “I’m just going to leave this here” category: Soulja Boy’s World Poker Fund hires Martin Owens as iGaming advisor.

Betting lines on the 2015 WSOP Main Event final table are popping up at sports books.

Claudio Moya wins the PokerStars LAPT Peru Main Event and is now $135k richer.

All In Magazine polls Californians on online poker.

The high stakes poker community continues to (re)invent poker games, the newest addition is something called Duck Flush, here is how it works.