The latest “oopsie” moment for the Global Poker League was a pretty big one. Representatives for Amaya and Caesars have shown an inclination to work together in the opening panel at the iGaming North America Conference. Bill Perkins may take on an endurance challenge of his own in a double-or-nothing bet with Dan Bilzerian. Draft schedule for New Jersey’s first SCOOP released. And more.

Cue the GPL-is-rigged theories

The first couple of days of the Global Poker League were full of hiccups, but nothing which compares to the software glitch that we saw this afternoon. During Game 2 of the second heads-up series of the day, between Martin Jacobson and Anton Wigg, commentator Griffin Benger attempted to use one of the GPL software’s special features for the first time, with very unexpected results.

The feature in question is intended to allow the commentary team to pause the action before the final streets are dealt out in an all-in situation, in order to keep the audience in suspense for a few more seconds and allow time for the situation to be analyzed and the players to react before the outcome of the race is known. What happened instead is that a sixth community card was dealt, following the river.

After consulting with the players themselves, what the GPL staff decided to do was to cancel the hand and allow the players to rebalance their stacks to the sizes that they were at before the hand began. This was to the players’ satisfaction, but unfortunately, the first river card dealt was one which would have set up a flush-over-flush cooler situation, so between that and the glitch which caused a sixth card to be dealt, conspiracy theories are sure to be circulating in coming days.

Hollreiser and Cohen on “The New Deal”

Although the iGaming North America conference has been underway since Tuesday at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, we haven’t heard much about what’s going on yet, largely because those media people who are in Vegas are busy attending the conference by day and presumably enjoying themselves by night, while those of us who’ve stayed home to write have only a general idea of what’s being discussed.

Donnie Peters has written a piece for PokerNews discussing the very first panel of the conference, however. Titled “The New Deal,” the panel consisted of Michael Cohen from Caesars Acquisition Company (owners of the World Series of Poker) and Eric Hollreiser from Amaya (owners of PokerStars), who discussed the need for various industry players to present a united front in the battle for legal, regulated online gambling in the US.

This sort of partnership is likely to produce an ambivalent response from the poker community. After all, nearly everyone in poker thinks regulated online poker in the US would be a positive development. On the other hand, one of the more problematic aspects of poker recently is how much of the market is controlled by a small number of large companies. Friendly relations between Amaya and Caesars may be good on the regulation front, but less good for healthy competition in the industry.

Quick Hitters

Crowd-staking site YouStake has acquired competitor TastyStakes. David Tuchman, who served as a spokesperson for the latter, will continue on in the role for the new, combined staking platform.

– The World Series of Poker Circuit has a Canadian stop for the first time in many years. It’ll be held at the Montreal Casino and the Societé des Casinos de Québec has struck a deal with WSOP Main Event champion Jonathan Duhamel to promote the series.

– PokerStars continues to make headway in New Jersey, increasing the stakes it’s offering, and releasing a draft schedule for a New Jersey version of the company’s Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP). As with the global SCOOP, the New Jersey SCOOP will have multiple buy-in tiers for each event, albeit only two per event (Low and High) rather than three.

– Dan Bilzerian won his huge biking prop bet against Bill Perkins, but the two aren’t done; they’re in negotiations for a double-or-nothing round in which Perkins may be the one taking on a challenge. What that might be, they’re still not sure.

– eSports continue to burst into the mainstream, as now the UK government is getting behind an initiative to create an “Olympic-like” international eGames event. Betting on eSports is already a thing, and you can be sure that market segment is only going to grow if something like what’s being proposed ends up taking off.