A closer look at UIGEA and why it’s foolish to use the law to determine suitability. Michael Phelps race prep includes Open Face Chinese poker. Koon wins SHRPO. And more.

UIGEA, what it did and didn’t do

I recently penned an article for California Online Poker where I tried to explain the nuances that need to be considered when UIGEA is brought up as a bright line for determining suitability in future US markets.

This is an important topic that is at the center of the debate taking place in California, where a group of tribes is calling for PokerStars to be excluded, while PokerStars and their allies point to the ridiculousness of using UIGEA (which had no effect on the legality of online gambling) to determine which operators should be allowed to be involved in the market.

It’s a really complicated issue, and even though I went over 1,000 words in the article, I barely scratched the surface. Hopefully it sheds some light on PokerStars’ position.

Quick Hitters

– It seems Michael Phelps scowl in the green room before he trounced Chad Le Clos at the Rio Olympics may have had nothing to do with his South African rival’s attempts to get in Phelp’s head. Instead it may have simply been him fouling in a game of Open Face Chinese poker, which is what Phelps told the Today Show he was doing while waiting for the race to start.

– Part Time Poker’s Alex Weldon takes a look at the new PokerStars promotion Card Match. The promotion is available in Canada at the moment, but could be rolled out to a wider audience down the road.

– Anyone who has visited Las Vegas  over the years is likely well aware of the changes taking place in the city. But few people have given much thought to the reasons behind the changes, and how Las Vegas is trying to reinvent itself. Here’s my take on what’s going on in Las Vegas and in the casino industry writ large.

– Jason Koon was the winner of the $5 million guarantee Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open. Koon collected a cool million dollars for his victory, but the real story might be the $765,000 overlay the tournament had.

– FOX Sports and the World Poker Tour signed a five-year deal that will see FOX Sports air WPT episodes through Season XIX, along with an additional 13 hours of footage every year. The WPT has been on FOX Sports since 2009.