Lee Jones responds to the criticisms surrounding PokerStars VIP changes and the way they were communicated. Malmuth goes after a favorite foil. Fact checking RAWA statement.

Mason Malmuth has a theory on PokerStars

In an appearance on Joey Ingram’s Poker Life Podcast (if you haven’t checked Ingram’s podcast out yet you should) 2+2 head honcho Mason Malmuth offered up his thoughts on the current situation that has driven a wedge between PokerStars and the high-stakes poker community.

Malmuth’s theory is that Daniel Negreanu’s involvement has exacerbated the situation and likely caused PokerStars to pull back on the reins in order to make sure things are done on their terms, and not perceived to be the work of an employee acting as a liaison between PokerStars and the poker community.

Malmuth and Ingram also talked at length about Mason’s new book, Real Poker Psychology, which I just finished reading and will review shortly.

Quick Hitters

– Houston we have a problem… or, more accurately, Washington D.C. we have a problem, considering the comments made by Congressman Mark Walker of North Carolina at last week’s RAWA hearing. Here’s those same statistics put into context.

– PokerStars Lee Jones addressed the recently announced changes and the fallout from the poorly-communicated announcement of those changes in a nearly 10-minute interview with PokerNews.

–  The weekend came and went without any mention of an online gambling coming up in the Pennsylvania legislature as budget talks have once again stalled. This is a constantly evolving story that could change at a moment’s notice, so watch this space.

– A new poll by Siena University shows that two-thirds of New Yorkers agree with Attorney General Eric Schneiderman when it comes to daily fantasy sports.

– The EPT Prague Main Event is coming to a close with just 27 players remaining, you can follow all the action at PokerNews.