A pair of listicles looks back on 2015 and forward to 2016. A side of Ellix Powers ESPN’s cameras missed. Twin Rivers poker room will open tomorrow. And more.

Listicles galore

When it comes to creating poker listicles the good people over at Poker Update are without peer, and to start the week they’ve posted not one, but two, very interesting lists.

The first was a countdown of the nine biggest poker stories of 2015 (perhaps the tenth spot is reserved for something that might happen in December?) which is made up mainly of big wins by well-known players, and one well-known player’s bubble, as well as the return of a certain company to the United States.

The second listicle focuses on five predictions for 2016. It’s a solid list, although I would have preferred at least scorching hot take, instead we got a couple boiling ones and a few lukewarm predictions. I could see all or none of them happening, but there are two that I feel are better than 75% to occur.

Quick Hitters

– Learn about a couple of interesting live tournament situations as well as the boycott of PokerStars that is set to begin tomorrow in the latest installment of the Forum Files.

– Ellix Powers, best known for his eccentric and sometimes cringe worthy behavior at a televised WSOP tournament back in 2004 has passed, and Chad Holloway decided to dig a little deeper into Power’s life, and the end result is a very moving article that might change your opinion of Ellix.

– Is the current rift between the high-volume online poker community and PokerStars comparable to a situation that occurred in a brick & mortar industry the 1990’s?

– Twin Rivers Casino will open the first legal poker room in Rhode Island tomorrow. The 16 table room could be a hit if they can lure Massachusetts players who usually travel to Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun in Connecticut, as they are able to cut 40 minutes of their drive time.