High stakes legend Phil Ivey takes a gamble on daily fantasy sports. Online poker may soon be legal in Russia according to experts. An incident involving a drunk player and an off-duty police officer turns bloody. Dates set for the 6th Annual Charity Series of Poker.

Ivey and iTEAM Network Team Up for PhilIveyDFS.com

Phil Ivey announced in a press release yesterday that he’s going into the daily fantasy sports (DFS) business. He purchased a domain for that purpose – www.philiveydfs.com – back in September and says that the site will go live next month.

Ivey’s site will be on the iTEAM Network, which operates on the same network-skin model as many smaller poker sites; iTEAM provides the software back end and shares a pool of players between sites, while affiliates like Ivey provide their own front ends (“skins”) and marketing.

On the surface, it seems like weird timing, in that the DFS is going through a rough patch due to legal issues in the US. At the same time, Phil Ivey has not been doing much to promote himself as a brand lately, having skipped this summer’s World Series of Poker; indeed, most of his appearances in the news this past year have been related to his own legal troubles over his use of edge sorting to beat casinos at high-stakes baccarat.

On the other hand, iTEAM bills itself as “DFS 2.0,” saying that their network has been set up from the start to facilitate compliance with eventual regulation from state authorities, so depending on how things go, his timing might prove impeccable after all. Lee Davy at CalvinAyre thinks it’s a great idea, at least.

Russia to Legalize Online Poker?

It’s far from official, but some experts including Russian lawyer Alexander Zakondyrin believe that Russia’s economic woes may soon lead the government to legalize online poker nation-wide, so as to be able to tax players’ winnings. Such a move would be a mixed blessing for Russian players, of which there are many as it is; on the one hand, it’s nice not to have to worry about your country having its own Black Friday, but of course a tax on winnings is effectively a second rake, and the online game is hard enough to beat as it is.

Quick Hitters

– Although much debate raged on in the community over whether or not this week’s huge jackpot made Powerball tickets a smart buy, at least one group of poker players is happy they did. A group of 11 players from Stockton, California hit 5 of 6 numbers on one of their tickets to claim a $798,000 prize.

– A date has been announced for the latest Charity Series of Poker (CSOP) event. CSOP #6 will be held next Saturday, January 30, at the Borgata Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City, to coincide with the Winter Poker Open.

– There was bloodshed at the Magic City Casino in South Florida, when a drunk patron used a knife to slash the face of an off-duty police officer who was trying to remove him from the premises and was then shot by the officer in question.

– In an interview with PokerUpdate, Adrienne Rowsome discusses the challenges of juggling a poker career, day job and parenthood, plus the perennial topic of harassment of women at the poker table.