Hit and Run: iPoker ends Tiers; ACR CEO Talks Poker; How Much are you Upstuck?

iPoker is ending its “tiers” system following the success of its source based rake program. Are micro stakes bad for your poker education? Presidential candidates entered into a fantasy poker tournament. And more

iPoker Network ends segragated “tiers”

With their new “Source-Based Rake” system in place, the iPoker Network has decided to end its segregated tier program; the network’s previous attempt to protect casual players and reward the better skins on the network.

Some have called this a failure of the tiered system, but as industry consultant Kim Lund pointed out on Twitter, the tiered system was simply redundant after the implementation of source-based rake.

Are people missing that iPoker's Source-Based Rake system removes (well..) the need to tier operators? #notasignoffailure

— Kim Lund (@InfiniteEdgeKim) August 12, 2015

Quick Hitters

– Can you learn poker playing in the micro-stakes games?   The answer is almost certainly: It depends.

– Andrew Barber talks poker, economics, and ethics in the fourth and final part of an exclusive interview with Part Time Poker’s Alex Weldon.

– Phil Laak wants to know, “How much are you upstuck?” If you don’t know what Upstuck means you’re not alone; fortunately, you can find the explanation here.

– Veteran poker writer Jennifer Newell has a new gig at Poker Update. Her job is to create a fantasy tournament (with players eliminated and chip stacks changing) based on the presidential candidates chances of winning the White House.

– Americas Cardroom CEO Phil Nagy went on OnTilt Radio to talk online poker.  Nagy offered up a number of hot takes during his appearance, some of which ruffled some feathers.

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