A years-long feud between Ben Tollerene and Doug Polk comes to a head on 2+2. GPL founder under fire. Conan O’Brien takes aim at poker player physiques. And more.

Alex Dreyfus Under Fire

Global Poker League founder Alex Dreyfus was the subject of a 2+2 thread that will likely make his goal of sportifying poker a little bit harder to sell.

In the thread, Dreyfus was called out by three well-respected poker players, including German phenom Fedor Holz for some financial shenanigans.

According to the players, Dreyfus approached them about five-figure currency swaps during the 2016 World Series of Poker, which they agreed to. It wasn’t until they did some end of summer accounting that they realized Dreyfus hadn’t sent the money to them.

“Five weeks later after leaving Vegas and doing accounting with BBV we realized he never received the transfer, despite Alex stating he would send the same day and not mentioning for the duration of the summer he had not. We promptly contacted Alex to which he replied that he never had the intention not to send, but the GPL was struggling and he could not pay at this point. He asked for an extension until the end of August and offered to pay interest. I made it clear that receiving the money on time was more important than interest. He had asked for a trade, not a loan.”

Even though Dreyfus paid them (with interest), they felt they needed to bring this to the poker community’s attention.

Polk vs. Tollerene

When two high stakes poker pros clash it’s usually at the poker tables, but in the case of Doug Polk and Ben Tollerene it was the Dreyfus thread that caused a years-old issue to flare-up. By the time the 2+2 mods moved the Polk/Tollerene derail to its own thread, it, not the Dreyfus saga, had captured the forum’s attention.

The gist of the bad blood is, Polk feels Tollerene rescinded on a coaching arrangement after Polk had lived up to his end of the deal. From there it spirals into depths only a 2+2 spat-thread can reach.

The feud became the big story of the weekend not only because the poker world loves nothing more than to watch some poker-pro on poker-pro crime, but because it’s believed (if  you take the necessary leaps) that Polk revealed Tollerene uses the long rumored PLO Dream Machine software.

Quick Hitters

– The GOAT of the Late Night talk show circuit, Conan O’Brien, used the World Series of Poker and poker players as a punch-line for a joke on Twitter this week, as the comedian quipped:

As Cardplayer.com pointed out, this wasn’t the first time Conan joked about poker.

– I’ve written a two-part series about being poker writer playing off of the biblical seven deadly sins and seven virtues theme. Part 1, the sins, is posted here, and Part 2 should be available tomorrow.

– Dustin Gouker takes a look at the latest funding round for DraftKings, and what the $150 million investment says about the current health of the company, and what it means for DraftKings going forward.