Gus Hansen’s back at it, barely a year since he quit. Winamax users can enjoy DFS legally in the coming soccer season. William Hill may be out, but Rank hasn’t turned its back on 888 yet. And more.

That masochistic itch

Earlier this week, we took at a look at Fedor Holz’s recent Super High Roller win, pointing out the humor in it since just a month before, at the WSOP, Holz had claimed he was retiring from poker. He’s not the only one who’s had a hard time staying away from the tables, however. Gus Hansen has done better, staying away for more like a year than Holz’s month, but that’s understandable given that their reasons for hanging up the gloves were very different. Holz felt he’d won enough and wanted to pursue other things, while Hansen had suffered a couple of years of huge losses, and decided it was time to admit he could not longer compete with the best of the best.

There has to be an element of masochism involved, then, in Hansen’s decision to return not just to poker, but to the ultra high-stakes mixed games; if you feel you can’t keep up with the game’s top talents, that’s not the place you want to go to avoid them… but then again, Hansen has admitted in the past that he’s “terrible at table selection.”

Quick Hitters

A total of five people now face felony charges in an Arizona poker room raid. Commercial gambling is illegal in the state, except for tribal casinos.

– Daily fantasy sports have been regulated in France, and the just-started Ligue 1 season is the first opportunity for sites to offer DFS to their customers, with Winamax being the first to take advantage.

– Things continue to be more of a slog for DFS in the US, and the debate’s become quite acrimonious. Someone here at PartTimePoker, posting under the generic “Staff” account has had a few words to say about DFS supporters and their ability to handle criticism.

– William Hill has firmly rejected the proposal for a three-way merger with Rank and 888 Holdings, but the latter two haven’t taken the possibility of a two-way deal off the table quite yet.

– After a long hiatus, I took up my Beyond Poker column again, reviewing another minimalist, bluffing-based card game, called Coup.