partypoker’s Pokerfest pushed back a few weeks. Conservative and libertarians voice opposition to RAWA. US sports betting industry is worth $12 billion annually.

Borgata and partypoker hosting third GSSS

The Garden State Super Series, or GSSS for short, has been one of the biggest tournament series in the legal online poker markets in the U.S., and now partypoker and the Borgata are going to make it “the biggest” online tournament series in New Jersey history. And with 43 events and $800k in guarantees it will be.

Meanwhile on the global front, partypoker’s Pokerfest hit a bit of a snag, as partypoker announced it would be delaying the start of its signature tournament series for several weeks in order to deal with “performance issues.”

Another anti-RAWA letter

RAWA has once again sparked a response from conservative and libertarian groups, as 12 have signed a letter opposing the proposed federal online gambling ban. Missing from the signatures were FreedomWorks and Americans for Tax Reform, both of whom have voiced their opposition to RAWA in the past. The signatories this time around were:

  • Andrew F. Quinlan — President, Center for Freedom and Prosperity
  • Michelle Minton — Fellow, Competitive Enterprise Institute
  • Thomas Schatz — President, Council for Citizens Against Government Waste
  • Dan Schneider — Executive Director, The American Conservative Union
  • David Williams — President, Taxpayers Protection Alliance
  • Seton Motley — President, Less Government
  • Andrew Moylan — Executive Director, R Street Institute
  • Carrie Lukas — Managing Director, Independent Women’s Forum
  • Norm Singleton — Senior Vice President, Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty
  • Heather R. Higgins — President, Independent Women’s Voice
  • Bob Bauman — Chairman, Sovereign Society Freedom Alliance
  • Jeffrey Mazzella — President, Center for Individual Freedom

Quick Hitters

– How much money do Americans bet on sports every year? According to a report by GamblingCompliance, an estimated $12 billion annually. US Poker has more on what this means.

– The Odlanor threat explained by security expert Gus Fritschie. Cliffs: Don’t download things from sketchy sites and unknown people.

– Olivier Busquet wants to fight anyone in the poker community for $100k.

– Part Time Poker’s Alex Weldon takes on the recent comments by Daniel Negreanu that only elite level players can be elite level coaches. If you’re wondering how Alex  frames his argument, let’s just say there are a lot of holes in Negreanu’s hypothesis.