PokerStars will finally soft launch in New Jersey next week; here’s what you need to know. RAWA supporters seem to be cutting their losses. GPL goes social. And more.

RAWA Supporters are changing their tune

As was first reported by Gambling Compliance, Andy Abboud, one of Sheldon Adelson’s top henchmen at Las Vegas Sands Corp. has indicated that RAWA supporters may be (once again) refining their message. According to GC’s reporting, the shift will see the push for a federal online gambling replaced by calls for the government to crackdown on illegal offshore online gambling operators – something everyone on both sides of the iGaming issue agrees on.

As I noted earlier today, this feels like a major sea change in the legal online gaming narrative in the United States, and could be the beginning of a renewed push for expansion efforts.

And as the Poker Players Alliance’s John Pappas tweeted earlier today, “Adelson/Sands rep claims they are “refocusing” away from RAWA to stop illegal offshore iGaming. Clear sign that iGaming ban is unpopular-jp”

Quick Hitters

– The record-setting World Poker Tour Bay 101 Shooting Star tournament is working its way toward the final table, and with 29 players remaining, big names like Dominick Nitsche, Kyle Julius, and Conner Drinan are in the Top 10.

– PokerStars is going to soft launch in New Jersey next week, and there are no shortage of articles breaking down what this means for the company’s potential customers. Especially when it comes to the VIP program the company will put in place for Garden State players.

– Adam Gray’s online poker bill has a long, tough road to hoe, and will likely undergo several changes along the way, but the California Assemblyman recently told that he doesn’t expect the $60 million subsidy to the horseracing industry to be changed.

– The Global Poker League has done us all a great service by compiling the social media accounts for all 12 GPL franchises, as well as the accounts of all the current players in the league. These social media accounts can now all be found in one place… phew!

– Part Time Poker’s Alex Weldon delves into the interesting situation from the Eureka Poker Tour Main Event we first reported on in yesterday’s Hit & Run, where a boyfriend and girlfriend combo played heads-up for the title, but not before some people questioned if there were shenanigans involved during short-handed play.