Poker’s biggest marketing failures in all their glory. Winning Poker Network’s $1 million guaranteed tournaments go under the microscope. Steve Wynn is having as much luck in Boston as he did in Atlantic City. And more.

What are the worst poker marketing disasters?

Barry Carter,’s editor lists his five biggest poker marketing disasters. There are certainly plenty of potential choices, but Carter does an excellent job of narrowing it down to just five. Spoiler Alert, even though he doesn’t rank them, the Epic Poker League is the hands down #1 failure of all-time. If you think otherwise you’re -EV.

Winning Poker Network’s $1M Guarantees Come Under Fire

The Winning Poker Network (one of the few remaining offshore online poker networks that still service the United States) recently announced they would be hosting several online poker tournaments with $1 million guarantees. While players still willing to play at these sites love the idea, people advocating for regulation see these promotions as troubling, and likely to muck up future efforts at legalization.

Quick Hitters

Steve Wynn to Boston, “The chances of us leaving are zero,” as the battle between the city and the proposed casino in nearby Everett continues to excalate.

– Andrew Barber talks poker, economics, and ethics in Part 3 of a four part exclusive interview with Part Time Poker’s Alex Weldon.

Jason Somerville signs a two-year deal with Twitch as the website has started locking up its most popular poker personalities with contracts.

– Online Poker Report lays out what New Jersey’s online poker industry will look like if the current operators (consisting of Caesars and Borgata) join forces to form a singular network.

– And if you’re wondering why regulated online poker in the United States has been lackluster, US Poker has offered up three reasons that might explain it.