eSports are the next big thing in gaming, but will it actually come to fruition? WPT TOC Action Clock has a major detractor. iGaming expansion efforts stall in three states. And more.

eSports shines bright at iGNA

A hot topic at the recently concluded iGaming North America conference (iGNA for short) was eSports. The bottom line is this: The gaming industry is desperately trying to integrate eSports into their offerings, as it’s seen as the panacea that will bring millennials to casinos. Leading the way on this, the Downtown Grand is opening up a dedicated eSports area, and several other casinos are also trying to host eSports events and/or offer eSports betting in their sportsbooks.

That integration won’t be easy, but if they do manage to lure in eSport fans it will certainly be a boon, as the vertical makes up over 21% of all Twitch viewers according to a recent report.

Quick Hitters

– Speaking of iGNA, attending the conference led to cofounder Adam Small posting his first article in over three years, as Small relayed his thoughts on the player ecosystem panel that took place on the last day of the conference. Along with messaging, ecosystems was a major theme of the iGNA program.

– Lance Bradley breaks down the first week of the Global Poker League. The column also contains a leaderboard for both GPL conferences and a look ahead to this coming week’s matchups.

– Over at, Robert DellaFave has updated his in-depth breakdowns and analyses of the New Jersey online gaming market. Among the things DellaFave analyzed were the deposit bonuses and VIP rewards programs for all the online poker rooms in the market.

– It’s not looking good for online poker expansion in any of the three 2016 contender states, as efforts in California, Pennsylvania, and New York have all run into major impediments.

– CONTROVERSY! The World Poker Tour Tournament of Champions will institute an “Action Clock” to try to speed up the game, but one notoriously slow player has already indicated he will do everything in his power to make it worse by purposely taking as much as time as possible on every decision. The reason Jordan Christos gave is this:

“My preflop gametree is about 18,000 times larger than yours and the mass majority of the community Allen Kessler. that changes things a bit preflop. u and the rest of the community are a cancer for believing preflop play is “ez/automatic/standard” decisions.

“maybe when enough players with limited potential complain about superior players that make better decisions youll get your shot clocks. bunch of sheep keep donating to mine/sarah/jace retirement fund. ill take it.”