Dan Kelly is a five-time WCOOP winner. The European online poker market could soon see the end of ring-fenced markets. Are pro poker players problem gamblers?  And more.

The day that nothing happened

Some days I spend my time making hard cuts, trying to figure out which stories to include in the Hit & Run and which get left on the cutting room floor. Other days I have to  reach deep into the nether regions of the poker world to find enough content to piece together our daily recap.

But today is a first.

Today was the first time there was so little to write about in the poker world that I decided to write about how little there was to write about, as if this was something worthwhile to write about.

So that’s the big story for today. Nothing happened. Hopefully something happens tomorrow, or you might find yourself reading Part 2 of our nothing happened series, Nothing Happened Again.

Quick Hitters

– Dan “djk123” Kelly won his fifth PokerStars WCOOP title this weekend. Kelly, an online tournament dynamo during the heyday of the poker boom has been flying under the radar in recent years, it will be interesting to see if his WCOOP victory leads to a resurgence.

– Income Access Managing Director Nicky Senyard  talks about the upcoming Global Gaming Expo (G2E) conference, and why she’s bullish on the future of online gaming in the United States.

– European poker players may soon find their online games a bit better and more fruitful. Senior European regulators are meeting in France to discuss desegregating player pools, but as Online Poker Report’s Joss Wood notes, there are still plenty of hurdles that will need to be overcome before a unified online poker market in Europe becomes a reality.

– This final piece was my favorite story of the day. Marty Derbyshire took a look at the very blurred line that separates professional poker players and problem gamblers. To help explain the differences, Derbyshire enlisted the help of Keith Whyte, who heads up the National Council on Problem Gambling, and is one of the most honest brokers when it comes to discussing gambling addiction.