Debate over DFS’s legality goes to Twitter after WaPo column. New online poker malware allows cheaters to see your hole cards. Delaware iPoker revenue up 11% in August.

Not all news is good news for DFS

With the NFL season upon us, it’s hard to escape daily fantasy sports, and even the mainstream press has started to realize how big the game has grown.

A Thursday morning Washington Post article discussing the legality of DFS touched off a mini-firestorm among the gaming lobbyist and law community, as Marc Edelman, Daniel Wallach, Joe Brennan Jr., and Ian Imrich, traded barbs, penned rebuttals, and tried to outline their thoughts on DFs in 140 characters or less – which sometimes required directing people to read some of their older columns.

New poker malware discovered

A very unnerving issue has been brought to light by a malware detection company, as Silicon Republic is reporting the discovery of a new piece of malware that could have major implications for online poker by the anti-malware software Eset. Known as “Odlaner,” the malware can transmit an online poker player’s hole cards to the another computer

According to the article, Odlaner is hidden within other files (usually poker-related downloads from unverified distributors) and once installed allows the host to take screenshots of the infected person’s computer, among other things. The implications for poker players is apparent, as it would be an easy process to take screenshots every few seconds and see the person’s hole-cards.

2+2 has just picked up on the story, so while the thread is relatively small at this time, I expect it to grow quite a bit over the next day or so.

Quick Hitters

– Delaware online poker revenue was up 11% in August, a good sign for the small market.

Carlos Mortensen is the latest 2015 Poker Hall of Fame finalist profiled by our very own Alex Weldon.

– Earlier this week we told you about Phil Hellmuth’s Reddit AMA on Thursday, but before the Poker Brat “tells all” it will be Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Selbst’s turn, as she’s hosting her own Reddit AMA today too.

– Iceland is taking a look at online gambling regulation. The proposal is still in the early stages but it’s worth keeping an eye on.

– The unbeatable heads-up limit holdem bot, Cepheus, was beaten… by an amateur poker player! The headline is overdramatic, as anyone with any understanding or probability understands Cepheus is beatable over a small sample of hands – the Huffington Post who beat Cepheus played just 700 hands.