Not one, not two, but three articles appeared questioning three different aspects of DFS. Rumors of Crazy Mike being busto and skimming at Aria poker room. PokerStars brings Spin & Go mindset to deposit bonuses.

Potential s**tstorm brewing at Aria

It’s very early in the process, but one of Las Vegas’s most prestigious poker rooms could have a very serious scandal on its hands, as allegations of tournament toke skimming have come to light.

Aria is widely considered to be one of the best run poker rooms in the country, and if these rumors prove true it would be a shame if the conduct of one or two bad apples were to besmirch Aria’s poker reputation.

Does DFS have an ethics problem?

A lot of DFS watchers have been waiting for the other shoe to drop, and on Wednesday they got pelted by three separate shoes.

The first was PTP’s Alex Weldon examination of the “round-trip” business deals DFS companies are making with investors/advertising outlets.

The second hit came from Legal Sports Report where the lack of regulation is very apparent during the depositing process.

And later in the day LSR posted a second column highlighting the non/slow payments of players by certain DFS sites.

All of this comes while the Nevada Gaming Control Board looks into DFS’s claims that their contests are not gambling.

Quick Hitters

– The honeymoon between the poker community and high stakes regular “Crazy Mike” appears to be over as allegations that Crazy Mike owes seven figures and is busto have surfaced.

– PokerStars using Triple Crown winner Jake Cody and football superstar Neymar Jr. for Lads Night In charity drive.

– In the worst kept secret in gaming, Ladbrokes and Gala announce merger.

– Shakeup on the Massachusetts Gaming Commission as two commissioners announce they are leaving the MGC.

– PokerStars has created a very intriguing promotion dubbed “MegaBonus,” a Spin & Go inspired deposit bonus.

– Yet another rumor, this one seemingly debunked, began on Twitter yesterday when it was being reported ESPN was going to end its deal with the WSOP at the end of the current contract. The WSOP Twitter account refuted this claim.