Delaware online poker revenue was way up in March. Phil Laak and Antonio Esfandiari in the spotlight. The seven craziest prop bets in poker history? And more.

Delaware is still a thing

Delaware could be considered the redheaded stepchild of the U.S. online gaming industry, as not too many people pay attention to what is going on within its borders and for good reason. The state has less than a million residents and produces paltry revenue numbers, and only contributes about a tenth of the online poker traffic in the state’s joint online poker venture with Nevada.

But Delaware has been, like all legal U.S. markets, a huge success on the regulatory front and managed to seamlessly pull off interstate pooling with Nevada, and as Joss Wood points out, the state saw their online poker revenue jump 32% month-over-month – of course, a 32% increase only brings Delaware’s tally up to $43,636.

Quick Hitters

– Phil Laak and Antonio Esfandiari do a lot of things together, including appearing in back-to-back articles over at PokerFuse. Laak’s entry is in reference to his upcoming Pokerography bio that will run on Poker Central tonight, while Antonio made headlines for an upcoming live chat with Brent Hanks, scheduled for April 20.

– PokerFuse’s weekly rundown of poker podcasts is out, and in their growing database you’ll find our very own Part Time Poker Podcast, with hosts Alex Weldon and Andrew Barber. Also, keep an eye out for even more entries on the podcast front from PTP in the not so distant future.

– Alex Weldon has resurrected his Forum Files column, and this week’s theme is Arrogance, as Weldon takes a deep dive into the mindset of the twoplustwo forum community… something I don’t recommend doing lightly.

– Faraz Jaka recently spoke with’s Dan Cypra, with the top line takeaway being that Jaka is extremely bullish on the Global Poker League.

– In honor of Dan Bilzerian winning his Las Vegas to Los Angeles bicycle prop bet, Poker Update offers up six other crazy prop bets from poker’s past, including a Poker Hall of Famer throwing a sucker punch. Unfortunately, I think there are several omissions that belong on any “best of” prop betting list.