Judge rules on Phil Ivey’s Borgata edge sorting case. NFL remains staunchly opposed to sports betting. A new Dan Bilzerian prop bet is in the works.   And more.

Phil Ivey’s edge sorting case

Phil Ivey may be a dynamo at the poker tables, but in the courtroom the poker legend is currently 0-2. Ivey already lost a 10-figure lawsuit he filed against Crockford’s, after the London casino withheld some $11 million in baccarat winnings claiming Ivey cheated using a technique known as edge-sorting – Ivey admits to using the technique but disputes that it’s cheating.

And now he may have to return $10 million in winnings to Borgata, after a US District Court Judge ruled that while he didn’t defraud the casino, edge-sorting does constitute a breach of contract.

According to lawyer turned poker player Cate Hall, Ivey will likely have to return all of the winnings.

Quick Hitters

– Roger Goodell didn’t leave any room for interpretation, saying the league remains “very much opposed to gambling on sports.”

Legal Sports Report has all the details on this story.

– From the sounds of it, Dan Bilzerian has had a tough year at the poker tables, and the “Instagram King” is hoping to recoup some of those losses by entering into one of his notorious prop bets. This time, Bilzerian will row across the Atlantic Ocean. The bet is supposedly for about $5 million.

– Online gambling expansion in the United States is at a bit of a crossroads, and the next three months will be critical in determining the future of online gambling in the US for the foreseeable future. Of particular note on this front are Michigan and Pennsylvania, both of which have pending legislation.

– PocketFives.com’s Jessica Welman sat down with 888 Poker ambassador to talk about life and her current trajectory in the poker world.