A poker bot may have been discovered at the final table of a PokerStars TCOOP tournament. Both sides comment on PokerStars player meeting. Dutch Boyd on staking.  And more.

Did PokerStars catch a bot at final table of TCOOP?

Players at the final table of TCOOP Event #8 may have unwittingly discovered a bot when they tried to make a final table deal. Despite a lot of money on the line, one player seemed completely unresponsive to the entire 57-minute ordeal, despite actively playing in several other tournaments while it all went down.

While there is no official word from PokerStars at this time, it seems reasonable to conclude the player in question was a bot. The chat log would seem to indicate two things:

  1. PokerStars has a number of anti-bot procedures in place as the host states that only human players can tick off the “deal” box;
  2. To make a final table of a major tournament the bot has to be playing at a fairly high level.

Point one is nice to know, and I’d like to see PokerStars implement other procedures that require human intervention to complete.

Point two is quite simply, alarming.

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